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The human body is very different in its 40’s than what it is in its 20’s, well at least it is for most of us. The accumulation of life and work stressors, often poor dietary and lifestyle habits, exposure to more toxins, lack of sleep means that our physiology acts much differently to when we were younger.

Unfortunately many of our dieting habits when we are younger can have a significant effect on how our metabolism acts as we get older. This is why you need to take a fresh approach to health and weight loss over 40. It is not just about weight loss though, we aim to make weight loss merely a side effect of you regaining your health and taking control of your life.

As we age our chances of being diagnosed with a chronic disease such as heart disease, diabetes etc grows dramatically. The truth is though these are mostly diseases of lifestyle. Degenerative diseases are also linked in with poor lifestyle, and it is our lifestyle choices that will often up regulate genes that predispose us to such conditions.

The good news is with the right help, support and advice we can down regulate those genes reducing our chances of developing these diseases.

We are here to help!

Why Choose Us?

  1. A Scientific Base.
    Our Content has a scientific base with practical application in the real world.
  2. A Holistic Approach.
    We as a team have a unique holistic approach to supporting and developing your health, ultimately improving the wealth of your life from every aspect
  3. Targets 40+ Market.
    We offer a service which specifically targets the 40+ market uniquely showing you, simple and effective ways to improve your fitness with easy to follow progressive workouts and easy to follow nutritional advice and food plans, giving you the knowledge and power to take control of your health.
  4. 40 + years Experience.
    Highly experienced professionals with over 40 years experience in the fitness industry.


Our Partners

Our Approach

Project Your Health understands the time restraints you have with the pressures of balancing work and family life.

This is why we have developed this site to provide you with something different to the standard weight loss and exercise advice out there, something realistic, something achievable and something that you are going to be able to continue doing into your 60’s and beyond.  This is a journey we will go on together, at your pace, which will last a lifetime.


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