I first met Maria in February 2014, when we crossed paths walking our dogs on the beach. It was summer and we were two British lasses living in a small town in South Africa so naturally we connected!  I soon approached Maria to train me. I was not exactly overweight, as a runner my body stats were 23% body fat and I weighed 62kg. In my mind I was actually ‘fit’ but I constantly felt chronically tired, very hungry and saw little reward for the 40 plus kilometers I would pound out the pavement a week! I soon learned that actually I was far too restrictive in my diet with obsessive silly low fat and high carb choices. I also have PCOS which means I have elevated insulin and out of sink hormones making weight loss an extra slow process.
Maria first practiced kineology on me to identify the foods that my body is sensitive to. She then kept me updated with my biosignature report weekly. She would monitor my food choices with a food diary during the week, this helped immensely and I learned so quickly where I was making food mistakes. Within no time at all I started to see real results and couldn’t believe it! Maria also taught me how to love strength training for body conditioning. Just spending an hour a week with her on an early morning workout yielded such great results and I had so much fun lifting, jumping, sprinting and bouncing about to rad music! I also learned here that being a runner doesn’t make you ‘gym savvy!’ I really had to practice my swiss ball etiquette so as not to resemble a beached whale! Now strength training and stretching have become my new running. Currently I am down to <15% body fat, weighing 58kgs but more importantly I feel GREAT. I love to workout each morning and rest every few days. I enjoy treats and the finer things in life (but enjoy them more when I have trained!). Maria taught me how to listen to my body, nurture it and make sure to put back the vitamins and minerals it really needs. I can’t believe the transition in my health. I now enjoy plenty of nutritious food and feel satisfied when I’ve eaten due to the balance of good fats and veggies I consume. I’d say the awesome progress I had with Maria as my mentor has definitely helped me manage my PCOS symptoms too. I’m SO grateful for this. Now that Maria is back in the UK this little place near Cape Town is not only missing an amazing personal trainer, but I’m also missing a special friend!.


"I've been working with Maria for 5 months and have seen unbelievable results during that time. I have never felt stronger or healthier. Maria is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm she brings to every session. Her friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere. She makes each workout challenging, creative and most importantly, fun! She also places a high value on correct form and technique with each exercise. She motivates me to push past my perceived limits to get results. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, Maria will lead you every step of the way."


Louie 61 years old.


It's only since reaching my forties that I have been more conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in order to also maintain how I look and feel while getting older. In my early forties, it seemed hard to fit exercise in around my work and family like, but with Marias help I now feel in control. I am probably fitter than I have been for many years, and have got back to, and am able to maintain the weight I was in my 20's, before I had my two children.

The workouts allow me to exercise at home, but it feels like I have a personal trainer right there with me. Maria explains everything so clearly, and lets me see exactly what I need to do to do the exercises correctly. The different levels of workout have allowed me to work up to the more advanced ones, but at a pace that suits me.

As well as the exercise information, I find all the other articles and advice a great addition. I want to be fit and healthy, but I want to look good too, as this helps keep me feeling younger! I have recommended the website to all of my friends, including the ones who haven't reached 40 yet, as it's not fair to keep it to myself.

Health and Wealth over 40 is my greatest find to date with regards to my health and lifestyle. For years I have been battling type 2 diabetes and an ever increasing waist size. Not only was it crippling me in new clothes but also at a greater cost, my health.

Within four months the guys at Health and Wealth over 40 helped me reverse my diabetes and fit back into clothes I had hidden in the Attic.

I travel a lot so fast food and no time to train was always my excuse. With the help and knowledge of the site I managed to improve my eating habits, improve my lifestyle and improve my fitness.

Thanks guys keep up the good work. Great information!



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