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fitness articlesStatistics show that many of us think “The older we get the better we were”, making starting something new or something we have not done for a while an intimidating thought. Psychologically speaking, setting ourselves up to fail before we have even started. Remember Rome was not built in a day. If you add on the pure narcissistic selfie-picture driven nature of any gym then all of a sudden going to the gym to workout becomes a mental battle. Did you know too embarrassed, too intimidated or not enough time, are the most common excuses for not going to the gym. With not enough time normally being an excuse for the other two.

Fitness over 40 is tough, we know that. Here at H&W40 we aim to make fitness over 40 enjoyable, educational and achievable for all fitness abilities. If you are a returning fitness fanatic who used to be an all time action hero then we are here to ease you back in gently, before you go off saving the world again!!

In this section we will talk about everything fitness and exercise related. You will find a weight loss programme, fitness program for women and men, a fitness programme for weight loss, men’s and women’s fitness videos or some good old fashioned information that will help you make transformations that last a life time. We will take the worry out of what to do and when to do it as all our workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home or in your local gym.

Maria and Wern will put you through your paces guiding you on your fitness journey. Buzz words like the best fitness programme for weight loss, the best exercise programme for weight loss or the best fitness program for women will become a thing of the past. We will teach you the right exercises to use for the desired result with the correct form. What you then do with them is up to you. The men’s and women’s fitness videos have tutorials before each workout and once you have mastered the technique there is an option to do the workouts without the tutorial. Just add music of choice!

Good luck and welcome back to fitness over 40. See if you can find your favourite fitness programme for weight loss, health or even dare I say it looking awesome naked in the bedroom.

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