Genetically Modified Organisms. GMOs

Being Healthy Over 40 or for that matter at any age can be a double edge sword, thinking we are doing the right thing for living healthy when in fact we are doing the exact opposite. GMOs is one of those double edge swords we are told they are healthy for us and better for the environment, but are they?

What Are GMO’S

We all hear about them but how many of us actually know what they are, what foods they are in and if they are any good for those of us being healthy.

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms. GMOs are living organisms whose genetic material (DNA) has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory. Artificial manipulation is called genetic engineering or GE. This relatively new form of science creates unstable combinations of genes that do not occur naturally in plants, animals and bacteria. The great Jeffrey Smith classes it as “Genetic Roulette”. They fire a gene gun into a cell and wait to see what happens.

Almost all commercial GMOs are designed to withstand herbicide and to produce insecticide. Therefore the crops will not die when sprayed with all the poisonous chemicals used in farming and they can protect themselves from insects. They are commonly engineered to produce a built in insecticide called Bt toxin, which is produced from the soil bacteria “bacillus thuringiensis.” Herbicides and insecticides are technically pesticides. They have been introduced to increase large corporations bottom line and apparently to improve world hunger.

GM crops have created super weeds and super bugs that are resilient to normal pesticides. Which in turn has created the need for even more toxic killers!

GM herbicide tolerant crops have led to an increase of 239 million kilograms of pesticides used in the USA alone. Not so sure this is better on the environment

Are they healthy for us;

Well I am not going to beat around the bush the answer is NO!! Unfortunately the research on the safety of GMO products is very very loose and nearly always funded by the companies that produce the products.

In the only human “feeding” study ever published on GMO, 7 volunteers were fed GM soybeans. In 3 of the volunteers the gene inserted into the GM soy transferred into the DNA of their intestinal bacteria. This pesticide producing gene continued to function (produce pesticide) in their guts long after they had stopped eating the GM soybeans.

  • Pesticides are a known carcinogen, detoxification pathway disruptor, they are linked to Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Cause severe allergies and autoimmune disease.

GMOs can cause severe allergies, infertility, neuro degenerative disease, stomach cancers, auto immune disease and organ damage.

“In a recent Russian study (jointly conducted by the Institute of Ecology and Evolution of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the National Association for Gene Security), researchers found that GM soy caused sterility in 3rd generation hamsters.

Nutritional value:

The idea behind GM food was to copy nature exactly and produce a nutrient rich product.Unfortunately this has not happened. A 2012 nutritional analysis of GM corn versus Non GM corn shows alarming differences: GM corn has 437 times less calcium, 56 times less magnesium and 7 times less manganese than NON GM corn. GM corn was also found to contain 13-21 ppm of glyphosate, an extremely toxic pesticide.

So not only is it all over the news that our soil has less nutrients in it and the food that is grown in our soil has less nutrients in them than fifty years ago, now they want to replace it with food with even less nutrient value! Bearing in mind nutrients are the building blocks of our health!! That is crazy. So there is another reason to eat real food.

The five main GMO foods are soy, corn, cotton, canola, sugar beets, and all their derivatives. In the USA over 65% of all these foods are GMOs and as high as 85% in all processed foods. In most states there is no regulation on containment and GMOs do not have to be printed on the labels. This is not the case in the rest of the world where GMO’s are either banned or heavily regulated.

In the EU if a food contains GMOs, or contains ingredients produced from GMOs then it has to be on the label (labelled as “loose” next to the food ingredient that is GMO). This sounds simple right? Wrong. In the UK if an animal is fed GMO feed then its (the animals) produce does NOT have to be labelled as GMO and if a product is produced using GM technology ( cheese produced with GM enzymes)then that too does not have to be printed on the label. This can make things quite confusing if you are trying to avoid GMOs completely. The good news is organic food cannot contain GMOs and Organic animals can not be fed on GM feed. For more information on GM labelling check here.

Tips for being healthy:

  1. Remove all GMOs from your diet and eat REAL FOOD.
  2. Remove all processed foods from your diet.
  3. Do your research on the snack/treat foods you buy, dorritos, pringles etc use GMOs. Replace with healthy snacks and treats such as those from Ugg-Foods.
  4. If living with parkinson's, alzheimers or any neuro-degenerative or auto immune diseases please remove GMOs from your diet. These are exacerbating your symptoms.
  5. If you are struggling to gain momentum in your weight loss programme, try removing all GM foods they are a known detoxification pathway disruptor.
  6. Eat Organic or use a local farm that you know of their practices.
  7. Remove all pesticides from the house or shed, find alternatives. Living healthy
  8. If in any doubt about a product find an alternative. NON-GMO shopping guide usa.
  9. Shop GMO-Free in the UK  this is a facebook page.


Happy GMO free hunting


Living Healthy is Being Healthy




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