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stress reductionLife is a magical gift and being healthy over 40 is about what we want to do with that gift. Do we resign to the number we call our age and all the ailments that supposedly go with it? Or do we take the bull by the horns and live each day like it was our last? Growing older does not have to mean the decline of our health.

The Lifestyle section is full of information to help you have your fitness over 40 and to live the life you dream of. Our living Healthy articles give you the tips for being healthy and the knowledge so you can eliminate the products and lifestyle practices that are not. You won’t find the best exercise programme for weight loss in this section but you will find the elixir of youth.

Being healthy is more than just how we look in the mirror. Nutrition, lifestyle choices and state of mind all play a vital role in our quest for health. Your health is your greatest wealth so look after it, now go grab the bull by its horns.

Happy Hunting

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