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In this day and age we are bombarded by the media telling us what is good for us and what we should and should not eat. Often this media has a conflict of interest with their sole purpose to sell you their product, regardless of its true affect on your health.

The introduction of industrial food processing has probably had the most detrimental effect on our health over any other factor in the last few hundred years and possibly the entire history of human evolution. Food refining has changed what we eat, how we digest our food and lowered our chances of living healthy.

The refining of flour, sugar and industrial seed oils has made way for these harmful products to become the staple of most of our diets. This is not even to mention the new food chemical additives and preservatives that are now known to cause a wide range of diseases like cancer, diabetes, auto immune disease, leaky gut and gut inflammation which makes us unable to absorb certain nutrients. As you can imagine not being able to absorb nutrients is a catalyst for a whole host of degenerative diseases and other serious conditions.

I really think a large percentage of us believe the media and believe that these engineered foods (they are not real foods) are ok for us and that there is no correlation between the change in food and the sharp rise in disease! As a very established expert in the Health world Chris Kresser calls them, The three horseman of the apocalypse: Sugar, Flour and Industrial seed oils!!

Around 50% of calories the average westerner consumes come from sugar, flour and industrial seed oils.

These foods promote over eating. They are high in calories but low in nutrients that are the building blocks of life and leave us satisfied after eating. How easy is it to eat a family sized bag of crisps without even thinking, I know I could!

These foods cause inflammation in the body that restricts the body from functioning properly. Wheat today is grown and refined very differently than it was 100 years ago. Most of us suffer an inflammatory response to one or more of the compounds in wheat with the most common being a Gluten intolerance. Gluten deserves an article of its own because it has so many detrimental effects on the body. A weight loss programme has very limited results if Gluten is part of your diet.

Sugar and all its derivatives are the number one cause of Obesity, Diabetes and many other diseases. The introduction of high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, corn syrup and artificial sweetener(man made) has seen a gigantic rise in the size of our waistlines with obesity and diabetes reaching epidemic levels. We are as a nation addicted. Cut out sugar, and cut out the need for going on a diet or being part of a weight loss programme.

Industrial seed oils contain high amounts of linoleic acid which is pro inflammatory and when cooked causes oxidative stress at a cellular level. Not an environment we want in our bodies.

So what is real food.

  • Real food roams around, swims, flies and is grown in the ground on a tree or in a bush. Not altered in a factory somewhere.
  • Real Food is nutrient dense that synergistically promotes health and a lean stature. I have not met anyone that can over eat real food.
  • Real food goes off, over ripens or attracts mould quite quickly
  • Real food is the best tool in a weight loss programme

Real Food is not

  • Real food does not have chemicals and preservatives in it a 10 year old cannot pronounce.( Read Processing Processed Foods)
  • Real food is not processed or refined.
  • Real Food cannot stay on the shelves for weeks on end.

If possible buy your fruits and vegetables from local farm shops and buy your meats from local butchers. The owners of these establishments will know where their products have come from, how the farms treat the livestock and produce.


Organic food has less chemicals and livestock fed on their natural food sources is the best ie, cows feed on grass and chickens on bugs. Corn is not the natural food for cows and chickens which therefore has a detrimental effect on the quality of their meat and organs. The rule of thumb is eat as nature intended.

Living Healthy

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