Weight Loss Tips For Men & Women Over 40

Fitness Over 40:

What is Weight loss? Now this might sound an obvious question with a simple answer, But is it ?

Weight loss is a loss in body weight due to voluntary(exercise) or involuntary(illness)circumstances. Not all weight loss is created equal with the loss of body fat being healthy weight loss but the loss of body mass due to the depletion of protein and other substances can be unhealthy weight loss. Read the protein article here.

Unhealthy weight loss: Any weight loss programme that excessively restricts your calorie intake for long periods of time can be detrimental to your health. This can cause all sorts of health issues such as muscle loss, bone loss & Osteoporosis, hormonal imbalances, neurological impairment and in extreme cases organ failure. Sounds harsh I know, so be careful who you listen to!

A healthy weight loss programme is turning your body into a fat furnace and burning off those unwanted pounds while still eating enough clean calories from Real Food to meet the bodies functioning needs.

A wide array of internet experts will tell you weight loss is basically the deficit between calorie intake(food& drink you consume) and calorie expenditure( the amount of movement you do). The movement at a cellular level is the sum of all the chemical reactions that the body has to do to make life happen,( metabolic rate), the more your body moves the more chemical reactions have to happen. If over your 35 plus years of life you have had no health problems, never been massively overweight, never taken medication, don't live in a city, never eaten processed & fast food, never consumed alcohol, always sleep 8 hrs a night, do an active job, drink plenty of water and always eat real food then yes that is basically what weight loss is. If like the most of us you have done all of the above( myself included) then weight loss can be a little more difficult.

The problem with any weight loss programme or exercise programme for weight loss is everybody is or should I say "thinks" they are an expert. Well take it from me they are not. I have been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and I am not an expert and I certainly don't pretend to be one. I have a very good understanding of Nutrition, Health and Training but unless an" Expert" knows you and your health past he/she can not possibly be an expert in weight loss for you.

If you are struggling to lose weight then the best thing to do is see an expert, like Steve@projectyourhealth.com or Maria@projectyourhealth.com and he/she will spend time in getting to know your health past and helping you correct any health issues you have that are hindering your weight loss. Also in the grand scheme of things an expert will save you time and money while keeping you very healthy.

While you are thinking about contacting Steve or Maria here are some great strategies you can introduce into your life.



Here are some weight loss tips for women and men over 40:

  1. Eat a protein and(good) fat breakfast
  2. Only Eat Real Food
  3. Drink plenty of water
  4. Remove all sugar from your diet
  5. Avoid Alcohol for a month
  6. Sleep 7-8hrs a night
  7. Decrease your portion size
  8. Workout 2-3 times per week, see our mens and women's fitness videos
  9. Use a good clean Protein shake after working out
  10. Eat 5-6 small meals a day
  11. Remove processed and fast food from your life for good.
  12. Don't eat out in restaurants for a month.
  13. Where possible leave the car at home and walk.
  14. Take the Stairs instead of the lift
  15. Add thermogenic foods to your diet
  16. Take up a new active hobby like hiking, climbing or cycling.
  17. Introduce a good Fish Oil supplement
  18. Take 5 minute breaks to go for a walk around the office building.
  19. Try a yoga dvd first thing in the morning
  20. Have more sex with your partner

The above 20 tips for being healthy are a guide to help you lose weight. Try and implement a new one each day and see how you go. But the glue that binds all these tips together and really speeds up the progress is TRACK YOUR PROGRESS. Write down what you have changed, when you changed it, if you are sticking to it and write down everything you EAT.

Good luck and watch your new fat furnace melt away that unwanted blubber.

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